i love it when she's laughing
that's when i start to enjoy myself

marvel meme ♦ 1/2 avengers: Tony Stark 

I never got to say goodbye to my father. There’s questions I would’ve asked him. I would’ve asked him how he felt about what his company did, if he was conflicted, if he ever had doubts. Or maybe he was every inch of man we remember from the newsreels. I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons I created to defend them and protect them. And I saw that I had become part of a system that is comfortable with zero-accountability.



Damn it, Tony, you have to stop doing this…

Okay, uh, the explanation behind this is basically, simplyperplexing was reading up on Tony’s Iron Legion and discovered that he actually named Mark XXVII Disco Armor and Mark XV Sneaky Armor.

Our conversation under the cut 

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Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark in The Avengers: Age of Ultron (x)

“I have successfully privatized world peace.”


favourites challenge - [1/5] relationships Pepperony

Tony: "If I were Iron Man, I’d have this girlfriend who knew my true identity. She’d be a wreck. She’d always be worrying I was going to die, yet so proud of the man I’ve become. She’d be wildly conflicted, which would only make her more crazy about me."


Pepperony Week → alternate universe
In a vampire-friendly universe, Pepper is a vampire, and eventually Tony is one too.

"Do you really sleep in a coffin?"
"No, Tony. I’m pulling your leg."
"Oh. ‘Pulling my leg?’ Wow, Potts, you really are a hundred years old."

Because I’m your nuclear deterrent. It’s working. We’re safe. America is secure. You want my property? You can’t have it. But I did you a big favor. 


Pepperony Weekdate night
Pepper and Tony’s multiple failed attempts at the perfect date night.

"We need disguises!"
"Tony, a baseball cap won’t fool anyone."
"It fooled AIM."
"That’s ‘cause AIM were idiots."